Planning workplace Christmas party is challenging in these uncertain times. If you’re asking yourself what’s the best course of action, consider moving your Christmas party online. We cater virtual events, with fun & convenient offerings to suit your needs, with delivery either to your workplace or to team members at home.

Virtual Events

Virtual events provide an option for getting together with colleagues, celebrating together & enabling team-building, without the worry & logistical stresses of organising in-person gatherings. It’s a great way to socialise safely & share an experience.

Christmas Party Choices

Choose from Chilled Pizzas or Pizza Kits, plus there are options to add dips/sides & beverages.
  • Pizza Kits are all about having some foodie fun. We provide all the components for a top-quality homemade margherita. It’s up to you how much you want to experiment & how competitive you want to get.
  • Chilled Pizzas are super convenient. They’re already fully cooked in our wood-fired oven, then blast chilled. Just before you’re ready to meet and eat, give it quick reheat. It couldn’t be easier to coordinate a shared virtual meal, even with large numbers linking up individually.


We’re offering a 10% discount for a virtual events taking place Mondays to Wednesdays.


Once you in book your Christmas party date, we’ll arrange the best method to get the pizza to your people. We can facilitate collection or delivery.


Since the well-being of your colleagues & customers is your top priority, celebrating the festive season safely through a virtual event is a win-win. Drop us an email to & we’ll help you work out a Christmas party plan that suits your team.