Pompeii Pizza gift vouchers will make perfect presents for your nearest and dearest pizza lovers. Likewise, they are a great solution to your workplace Christmas crisis. Now you no longer need to be stumped on what to get for a Kris Kindle colleague.

We’ve got you covered with the perfect stocking-filler for family or friends who appreciate wood-fired pizza goodness. Just call in to us at the Franciscan Well, any day of the week from 1pm and we’ll get you sorted in a jiffy. Alternatively, drop us an email to info@pompeiipizza.ie and we’ll get it sent out to you (or your recipient) pronto.

With one of our gift vouchers, you can give the gift of a great experience. If they like pizza, they’re pretty much guaranteed to love this gift. And if you play your cards right, you might get to join them for their gifted experience.

Naturally, our gift vouchers comply with the latest consumer protection legislation. Therefore, your voucher will be valid for 5 years. Although, if it’s going to the pizza fan in your life, it’s highly unlikely to need to last that long. And, don’t worry about your recipient misplacing their voucher either. When you buy the voucher, you can give us information to find the transaction later and we’ll be able to honour the voucher anyway.

So, why not say it with cheese!