Making dough is a long, complex task, involving several processes over a 48-hour period. So patience is a key ingredient.

Other ingredients are our unique flour blend, in which we combine Italian Caputo type-00 with freshly-ground flour that we mill in-house.

We use the minimal amount of fresh yeast necessary for making pizza dough rise, improving the digestibility of our pizza.

Our wood-fired oven is heated to over 400°C using well-seasoned hardwood. This heat is delivered to the dough through convection, conduction, and radiation. The high temperature seals in the steam and the flavours from the yeast, cooking the pizza in just a couple of minutes. A fast bake keeps the bread fluffy and light.

Our method of making dough is inspired by the Neapolitan pizza style. The original Pompeii Pizza dough recipe came from Johnny’s Italian brother-in-law, Luigi. Over the years, the Pompeii team have refined this recipe to achieve the optimal base.

For us, this is a base that’s thin and light, but structured enough to be eaten by hand, with a crispy air-filled crust, and full of wood-fired flavour.